What is a Good FPS for Gaming – Gaming Guide

As you know that gamers can never compromise on the poor running of the game. However, when the question comes to gaming, gamers always want a smooth flow with the clear graphics of the game. In this manner, we always love to achieve a great time experience.

On the contrary, people mostly face a big drop in the frame rate of the game. Mainly, this condition happens mostly when you don’t need the right hardware. So, always try to get the exact hardware that the system needs. Here, the million-dollar question is that what is a good fps for gaming? To get complete guidance, you must read this article thoroughly.

Moreover, you will get the complete details about the fps. Mainly, fps stands for frames per second, which is the frequency of consecutive images appearing in the display.

In addition, it is essential to maintain the refresh rate and the frame rate of the game. Thereby, if the refresh rate and the frame rate are equal, you will never face any error or lagging while the game is running.

In simple words, the higher the fps of the game, the smoother the game run. That’s why fps plays a vital role in the smooth running of most games. In addition, it also maintains the graphics and eliminates most of the lagging and stuttering errors.

So, as a pc gamer, you must prefer to maintain the frame rate during pc gaming. In addition, try to maintain the graphics settings for achieving higher fps.

Summary- What is the Good FPS for Gaming?

Most probably, 60 fps are helpful for most gamers. In addition, this fps is the main root for those gamers who want a minimum frame rate of the game for an achieving decent gaming experience. However, a minimum frame rate value is perfectly suitable to provide a smooth gaming experience.

So, this frame rate is around 30 fps for the video game. Further, it also helps to main the graphics quality. However, you can do all the maintenance when you go into the graphical game setting.

On the contrary, many computers can maintain the frame rate and all these perception values depend only on the refresh rate of your monitor. In addition, fps for gaming take the flow of your games to another level. That’s why most gamers prefer to get the best fps to maintain the game’s video quality.

On the contrary, it is essential to know that not all games support fps. Here, casual gamers don’t have enough idea about what is the good fps for gaming. So, they need proper guidance regarding this.

Mainly, the refresh rate doesn’t affect the frame rate that your computer is demanding. If the refresh rate becomes higher than the frame rate, it will cause a problem with the graphics card.

As a result, the display of most games will not be able to appear on the screen of your computer, and the frame rate also gets limits and starts to generate at a higher speed.

So, these are the things that you need to consider while playing games to achieve good fps in most games like PUBG and Fortnite. That’s why competitive gamers have enough idea about these things, and they try their best to maintain everything of the running game.

So, let’s get in detail how many fps you need while playing games and get complete information about the best fps and how it maintains the best performance of most games.

What is the FPS while PC Gaming? 

In simple words, fps (frames per second) is the total number of frames and images that you can see on the display of a computer per second. For instance, if your game is running at the frame rate of 60fps, you must remember that the monitor screen will display 60 images per second.

Because the frame rate is always equal to the refresh rate of your pc and delivers a great gaming experience to the users, on the contrary, the total number of images per second also depends on the power of the GPU. So, it would help if you also got the GPU with the raw power that gives other animations of your video games.

In addition, the best fps rate also depends on the RAM and CPU performance of your computer. For having a great time experience, it is clear that the best fps is your first need. So, it would help if you targeted the fps that come with such high framerates.

Moreover, having the best fps also determines the smoothness and the flow of most games. Above all, it is also a great choice if you want to know how well a game can respond to different commands.

FPS Brackets: 

According to the latest research, there are four fps brackets, and each bracket plays a great role in determining how well a game can run on your computer.

Besides this, you can also justify how many fps are useful for your games because not all games require the same fps bracket. So, let’s have a deep look at the fps brackets and how they’re significantly different from each other.

30 FPS: 

First, 30 fps is the least playable fps in the games, and it is usually easy to achieve for most gaming consoles. In this manner, the low fps value can also deliver you a good flow of the game. However, if you have fps less than 30, it will result in the troubles of stutter and input lag.

So, these problems are unacceptable for most games, and demanding games cannot run properly on your screen. Therefore, if you are a competitive gamer, this fps value is not helpful for your gaming sessions.

60 FPS: 

Secondly, 60 fps is the most acceptable bracket among all types, and it proves great for most games. In addition, this fps value is easy to achieve if you have a mid-range desktop of your computer. Moreover, 60 fps is the most common and most demanding among all fps brackets, and it is considered that most monitors come with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

In this way, 60 fps prices are ideal for monitors with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Moreover, the latest gaming consoles can easily produce a frame rate of 60 fps.

120 FPS:

Thirdly, you can easily attain the bracket of 120 high fps if you have high-end hardware that performs amazingly. So, these higher framerates will surely give you a great gaming experience. In this manner, it is ideal for those minutes with a refresh rate of about 120 Hz.

Thereby, you will get better game graphics and eliminate the screen tearing issues for the Xbox series. Lastly, if you have a monitor with a refresh rate of 120 fps, then this bracket will be reliable.

240 FPS:

Well, this is the highest fps bracket that a gamer can achieve in competitive games. However, this is one of the higher framerates, which is only possible to achieve when you have a top-notch hardware quality. In addition, you also need a high-end monitor, which comes with a refresh rate of 240 Hz.

Moreover, the refresh rate of 240 Hz and the frame rate of 240 fps will surely give you a great gaming experience. So, you can enjoy the game with full potential. Lastly, you will also not have any issue with graphics settings.

Which FPS Bracket Is Best for Gaming?

Mainly, if you are playing video games or multiplayer games, there is no doubt that good fps is your need. Moreover, it all depends on some factors that help you justify which fps is best for gaming.

If you are a shooter gamer and don’t have enough budget to get the higher framerates, then 60 fps is fine. In addition, you must also consider the overall performance of your computer hardware, whether it is sufficient for most games or not.

For instance, if you have a monitor of 144 Hz and buy a gaming rig of moderate quality, then there is no chance you will enjoy the games with full potential. Thereby, the video cameras will cause problems, and input lag also affects.
In short, it is all a matter of balance.

So, it would help if you made a complete balance between the frame rate and the refresh rate of your monitor. So, if you have a midrange pc, then 60 fps is considerable. On the contrary, if the bracket is 144 fps, then go for higher-end hardware.

Will a Higher Fps Enhance the Gaming Experience?

Primarily, it is clear that the higher the framerates, the more enjoyable the game will be for you. In addition, you can imagine a struggle of competitive games on your pc, so they will respond slowly and make your system less ideal.

In addition, if you have a great gaming system that has more frames, then you will surely not face any gaming issues in the future.

Does the Quality of the Monitor Matter When It Comes to FPS?

Most probably, if your GPU is capable of producing higher framerates, then your monitor works perfectly and shows images equal to the frame rate of the games. So, it would help if you went for the monitor that matches the frame rate.

What Is the Best Frame Rate for Fortnite?

Mainly, if you have a frame rate of Fortnite with a resolution of 1080p, the frame rate of more than 60 is ideal for you. In addition, if the fps is above 100, then the mid-range hardware is suitable for it.


Here, the main takeaway of this article is to answer the million dollars question. So, the complete details of what is a good fps for gaming are available in this guide.

Mainly, if you want to enjoy the fast-paced games on your pc, it is essential to justify that the fps and the refresh rate are equal. If your hardware products have many frames, you need to get the best fps, trying to lower the graphics settings in your pc games.