How to Uninstall the GeForce Experience

NVIDIA graphics cards are one of the most famous, and for the sake of valid reason: they are high-performance powerhouses intended to deliver by far the most demanding games to reality. GeForce Experience, but in the other extreme, is often regarded as a source of unhappiness for the gamer’s preferred ecology.

For all of the in-depth graphics card tinkering GeForce Experience provides, we can admit that it is far from the best optimal application available. In this article, we will carefully look at how to uninstall the GeForce experience. There will also be a comprehensive guide about why and why not to uninstall the GeForce experience

What Is The Geforce Experience?

GeForce Experience is the program that works in tandem with your GeForce GTX graphics card. It maintains your devices entirely up to date, improves the necessary game changes, and provides the simplest method to connect your best gaming experiences with others. In addition, GeForce Experience allows users to obtain Game Ready Drivers.

Uninstalling Geforce Experience

Several reasons to uninstall GeForce Experience include poor frames per second, wasting valuable CPU resources, a failing driver update, needless login hoop-jumping, and inconsistent outcomes from the ”one-click game enhancement” function.

Method 1

Fortunately, uninstalling GeForce Experience from a Windows computer is simple, and the procedure is similar to that of uninstalling any other software from your computer.

  1. Click the Start Menu.
  2. Look for the phrase “add or delete programs.”
  3. Click the Add or delete applications search result.
  4. Navigate to Add or Remove Programs.
  5. Search through the collection of installed apps on the computer for NVIDIA GeForce Experience and right-click on it.
  6. NVIDIA GeForce Experience should be uninstalled.
  7. In the subsequent context menu, select Uninstall.

Method 2

If you’re not impressed and insist on removing GeForce Experience, you’re fortunate since the procedure is straightforward. The incredible and beneficial thing is that there is no requirement to delete anything else, and there is no setup necessary to uninstall the GeForce Experience. Instead, following the on-screen directions to run the uninstallation tool, the software will be removed from the system.

  1. Another way to start the removal process is to
  2. go to the Windows Start menu and choose “Settings.”
  3. From “Settings,” select “System,” then “Apps & Features” from the left-hand vertical column.
  4. Next, choose “NVIDIA GeForce Experience XXXX” from the listing on the right, then select “Uninstall” directly below it. Finally, execute the installation wizard’s instructions.

It’s worth noting that you’ll still see an Nvidia symbol in the taskbar. Don’t panic; this isn’t GeForce Experience, but instead the Nvidia Control Panel. This is just another, if primitive, tool to assist you in enhancing the efficiency of your GPU.

What If You Fail To Uninstall?

If you cannot uninstall GeForce Experience utilizing the procedures outlined above, please follow the instructions for uninstalling applications on Windows 10 and attempt other methods to remove the software.

Once Geforce Experience Has Been Uninstalled

After you remove GeForce Experience, the newest components for your graphics card will no longer be proactively searched for, retrieved, and installed. Instead, you will have to carefully install new driver technology from NVIDIA’s official web page.

If you select the usual installation settings, the installation will immediately install GeForce Experience back on your machine almost every time you download the current driver program for your graphics card.

Why Do Users Want To Uninstall The Geforce Experience?

Some program owners protest the application’s excessive use of system resources (RAM and CPU bandwidth), while others dislike how invasive and independent the program can be. GeForce Experience, for instance, creates FPS drops for some participants.

In contrast, others purely despise the truth that the software one-click optimizes the configurations for all of the tournaments they perform – messing with the settings they so closely designed for each of their games is not anything players take lying down.

Should You Uninstall the GeForce Experience?

Even though you can theoretically install or refresh your drivers utilizing Nvidia’s software, GeForce Experience is just easier to operate.

If you still wish to eliminate it, you shouldn’t become concerned regarding your drivers. They are available on Nvidia’s official website and are pretty easy to purchase and install.

Is GeForce experience needed?

You don’t require it. However, it does an excellent job streamlining various activities (such as driver tuning, video recording, and Twitch broadcasting). It’s a benefit, but it’s much further from necessary.

What Are the Most Important GeForce Experience Functionalities?

For Nvidia customers, GeForce Experience is an outstanding GPU management application. The incorporated game recording and streaming capabilities and the in-game filtering and other sophisticated modifications are the greatest Nvidia GeForce Experience capabilities.

What Is The Point Of The Geforce Experience?

GeForce Experience is an add-on program for the GeForce GTX graphics card that maintains players’ drivers up to date and instantly improves their gaming settings, among other things. GeForce Experience is pre-installed on computers that use NVIDIA GeForce processors, Nvidia’s brand of GPUs.

Does Geforce Experience Affect Playing Ability?

The Geforce Experience software can enhance the stability of your device’s efficiency, but it only updates your machine with the drivers it requires. Geforce Experience is also a game optimization tool, which may be helpful if your GPU is suffering from more demanding games.

Is there a drop in FPS while using GeForce?

During gaming, it produces enormous input latency, fps decreases, and memory losses over time. To switch this one-off, go to your Geforce Experience options and search for “In-game Overlay,” and make sure it is unchecked (greyed out).

Why Do Users Avoid Geforce Experience?

Many Nvidia customers, on the other hand, shun GeForce Experience such as the plague. GeForce Experience had a bad image in the recent past for being a clumsy, unnecessary piece of software. However, that view is shifting, so we encourage revisiting GeForce Experience.

What Does GeForce Experience Do?

However, what does Nvidia GeForce Experience accomplish if it doesn’t regulate color representations or display resolution? The Nvidia GeForce Experience includes a variety of functions, including:

  • Game improvement software that works automatically
  • Using Nvidia ShadowPlay, you may capture and produce automated gaming highlights.
  • Live stream gaming from GeForce Experience to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.
  • it may captures and filter screenshots
  • Manually update Nvidia GPU drivers
  • May stream game to Nvidia  Shield gadgets.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of  Geforce


  • Takes 360-degree screenshots and applies filters on them.
  • It  records and broadcasts videos
  • Disadvantages of GeForce
  • You may find many of its characteristics elsewhere.


  • It does not support all desktop games
  • He has difficulty locating games at times.
  • Local streaming necessitates the purchase of additional Nvidia equipment.

In conclusion

If you’re a Computer player with an Nvidia graphics card, you’re probably familiar with the Nvidia Control Panel or Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. Users frequently mix up the two apps, unsure which is the ideal tool for managing your graphics options.

In the former, Nvidia’s GeForce Experience had a poor image. Some people thought it was an unneeded feature of a gaming machine. Others argue that it consumes more system resources.

GeForce Experience, on the other hand, has evolved into a comprehensive GPU control tool for Nvidia GPU customers in recent revisions. However, if you find it non beneficial, we have discussed how you can uninstall it.