Nvidia Graphics Card Not Detected? Here’s The Fix

Is your Nvidia Graphics Card not detected? If you are also facing this problem, stay relax now. Mainly, nobody like to have such issues and the ones who are not don’t have much information regarding the specifics of software and hardware mostly face it.

However, it doesn’t matter; whether you are buying a new gaming PC or upgrading your GPU, you may detect graphics card slots. In this manner, you must check the graphics card slot, whether it is working or not.

Mainly, this is a pervasive problem that gamers are facing nowadays. Besides this, any computer hardware issue is a great pain; the demand is not enough when the power supply is not enough. Most probably, this problem may occur due to several reasons during pc gaming.

Moreover, this problem can easily extend if you ignore it. So, it is time to fox graphics card and control this issue for your gaming pc safety. Besides this, you must get the software related on-screen instructions and follow them properly.

If you follow them rightly, then you will surely not face this issue in the future. So, let’s explore all the solutions for Nvidia graphics driver detection.

BIOS/UEFI Issue and Fix

Mainly, BIOS is the main charge of your computer hardware, and that is the first logical step to check the connection of your Nvidia graphics card. In some cases, the PC windows fail because they can not easily boot up, and a major problem with the master boot record occurs during the process.

Due to this problem, the graphics card needs to repair to restart the working system. In this sense, you must use the recovery environment to check the power supply and the graphics drivers.

However, if this solution doesn’t work, then there is a complete article for you. If you are lucky enough, the BIOS will easily detect the graphics card. To get access to bios, you must check the performance of the Nvidia GPU, and if it is not working well, check the Nvidia driver and fix it.

Here, the important thing you must keep in mind is that different motherboards have different BIOS. So, the solutions to fixing this problem may differ for any motherboard.

Check the Card for Physical Problems

Here, the first solution for detecting the Nvidia Graphics card is to check the device manager of your gaming pc. So, you can find here that whether your Nvidia GPU is performing well or not.

For checking the cards for a physical problem, you must click ok your Nvidia GPU. So, after clicking, you need to choose the “enable devices” option to fix the physical problem of your graphics card.

However, there is also the chance that the device manager of your gaming pc may not recognize your discrete GPU performance. This GPU slot issue mostly occurs when you are using the wrong drivers from the computer hardware. During this solution, you must check the bios menu properly.

Reinstall the GPU Driver

Most probably, the Nvidia graphics card is not detected because there is a minor issue in the installation process of the new drivers. So, the wrong driver will surely cause such GPU slot issues.

However, this issue also occurs when the new driver is incompatible with enough power. So, the driver software inside the gaming PC may not performs well.

On the contrary, the installation process of AMD graphics cards is different from Nvidia Graphics cards. In this sense, you must ensure that you are using the right guide for the Nvidia card during reinstallation.

With the progress of the GPU technology, the latest version for GPU management is automatically installed. So, it is a great idea to get a new graphics card for the properly installed graphics card.

Install the Latest Nvidia Drivers Manually

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most suitable and helpful solutions when your Nvidia graphics cards are not detected. However, many users uninstall the old Nvidia drivers and install the latest version to insert the new graphics card.

They get easy access to solve all the GPU don’t issue and eliminate all the graphics card problems. Thereby, you must follow these steps for restoring bios.

  • First of all, press on Win + I keys to open the steering or bios menu. After clicking here, you need to click on the apps section. However, you must make sure that how much power is needed here.
  • Secondly, you need to find the Nvidia drivers and delete all the Nvidia software from your computer hardware.
  • Thirdly, right-click on the software that you want to uninstall.
  • After that, you need to follow all the on-screen instructions to fix the graphics card for your PC gaming.

Here, all your Nvidia software delete, and you have to reinstall them for further work. So, visit any online website to reinstall the Nvidia graphics card drivers.

Compatibility Issues

On the contrary, it is not wrong to say that if you are using an old GPU or older motherboard, then you may face pc problems. In this sense, it is essential to get the latest version of GPU, which can easily eliminate all compatibility problems.

By doing this, you will surely see a noticeable change in the smooth running of your pc gaming on the black screen. So, you enable the device to the smooth functioning by updating bios or fresh install them.

Another major problem of compatibility may occur if you have an unpowered PSU. According to most users, it is no doubt that graphics card needs the most watts while pc gaming system.

So, you must arrange a proper solution for providing enough power and get a new graphics card. For solving this issue, check the power cables properly.

Try the Card on Another Computer (And Update Its Firmware)

Here, another amazing for detecting graphics cards is that you must check your card on another PC. Most of the users use this solution to verify the windows update process.

If the graphics card works easily on another computer, you must learn a major problem with your device manager or bios settings.

Besides this, you can also check the performance of the Nvidia graphics driver and locate Nvidia drivers in the right place to fix the graphics card properly.

Run Ddu to Clear Out Old Drivers

For running the DDU to clear out old drivers, you must follow some important steps.

Firstly, you must install DDU in your computer hardware as you know that drivers and GPU are the most important components for pc gaming. So, it would help if you foxed them properly first.

  • After this, reinstall the windows on the safe mode and read the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • Once the booting process boosts and is backed up in the blank screen, select troubleshoot the problem.
  • Here, you need to click on the “advanced options” and select the “startup settings” option after this.
  • Then click on the restart option and enable the safe mode of the black screen.
  • In the safe mode, check the installation of DDU and use it easily.

Here, your DDU will clear all the old drivers’ data and install the latest version of your display adapters driver.

Is Your PSU Strong Enough?

However, if your graphics card is not detected, you must check whether the system is connected correctly and verify all the software related instructions. Here, if the problem is still not solving, you need to check whether your computer hardware’s PSU is strong enough or not.

In this manner, it is very helpful to check whether your PSU has enough power to handle all the necessary demands of your intel GPU.

Here, PSU allows the power compatibility of 50%, and the GPU power is around 40%. So, an exact PSU is helpful for the Nvidiathe control panel to perform heavy operations.

How Do I Fix My Graphics Card Not Detected?

To check the graphics card not detected issue, you must check the performance of your Nvidia driver properly. For this, you must check the computer hardware, whether it is working fine or not.

However, you can also fix the detection of graphics cards by checking the performance of the cooling fan of your PC gaming.

Why Is My Graphics Card Not Being Detected?

Here the major reason your graphics cards are not detected properly is that the Nvidia driver of your graphics card may be incorrect, or you are using the old GPU. These problems don’t allow the graphics card to detect easily, and many users face this problem.

Why Is My Laptop Not Detecting My Graphics Card?

If your laptop is not detecting the graphics card easily, then the main reason is that the laptop has an old driver. So, the best solution is to replace it with the latest version of Nvidia drivers for your computer hardware.

How Do I Manually Enable My Graphics Card?

For enabling the graphics card, you must right-click and select the option of “properties”. After this, go to the Driver tab and look for the enable button option here. So, click on the enable button here, and your graphics card will start to perform.


Undoubtedly, it is one of the most asked questions why Nvidia graphics card not detected? For answering this question in detail, this article is available for you.

Here, all the best and proper solutions are for you, so you must follow them right if you want a noticeable change in your PC gaming performance.

However, it is beneficial to get the switchable graphics to make your gaming experience great, as different bios perform their tasks.