How to Fix Stuttering in Games – Causes and Solutions

Stuttering is undoubtedly the worst kind of annoying while playing a game. Well, the complete meaning of stuttering is unexpected lagging or hanging. However, this mostly happens when you are playing games on your PC. In this sense, it affects the complete flow of the game and takes time for recovery. That’s why it is necessary to get rid of this stuttering issue.

But do you know how to fix stuttering in games? Stuttering in games can be a result of several factors, depending largely on the game type. For instance, if you are playing a graphics-intensive games, then GPU has to carry many loads. However, for simulation games, you need a suitable CPU.

Screen Stuttering

Primarily, the screen stuttering issue happened due to irregular delays between the GOY and the screen display. Thereby, during online screen stuttering, the game runs slowly and hangs sometimes. Here, this lagging can cause a delay in the game actions, and the game starts hanging.

For avoiding this issue, goo must check the hardware of your PC first. Besides this, many software settings can help you to get rid of this problem. In this manner, several fixing solutions are available in this article, which proves helpful. You can also try some gpu benchmark softwares.

What Causes of Stuttering in Games

what causes of stuttering in games

For fixing the stuttering problem of your PC, it is helpful to check the hardware first. The reason is that most of the stuttering issues happen due to the overheating of hardware. If your hardware is not utilizing energy or becomes very hot, you will undoubtedly face this problem. For fixing this annoying issue, the following ways to look at your hardware are given there.

Underpowered GPU

If you don’t have premium-quality hardware, then surely you cannot play games smoothly on your PC. If you try to play a game with local hardware, then no one can save you from stuttering issues. It means that lower quality hardware is the first problem due to which stuttering takes place.

Before purchasing any game for your PC, it is essential to check the recommendations and settings of the game. By doing this, you can easily justify that whether the game is capable of playing on your PC or not. That’s why PCs stutter because of the lack of resources.


Secondly, if your computer system doesn’t have an adequate cooling system, it gets hot quickly. Thereby, a stutter issue takes place in your PC and ruins the performance of all components. If you are running the computer beyond its total capacity, then it generates a lot of heat.

It is probably a side-effect that occurs when you try to play on a less-powered CPU. Due to this side effect, most of the PC components become useless because they expire quickly. Moreover, whenever PC overheats, it causes stuttering in the running game. So, try to get a PC with a great cooling system to avoid such issues.

Audio Driver Issues

Some Windows audio drivers will stutter games quite considerably. If this is the case, you should update your audio driver to a later version or switch to using the built-in Windows sound card instead of any other third-party solution. You might also be able to use some tweaks found on this page.

Any drivers that control drawing to the screen can cause stuttering. It includes your graphics card driver and any other hardware drivers such as network cards or sound cards. Updating these is usually a good first step when trying to fix stutter in games. If you’re still having trouble, then read on.

Total RAM

Thirdly, the main reason for stuttering in your game is RAM usage. For playing a game smoothly, the system requirements should ensure the total RAM. For instance, if you want to play the latest games on your computer, you must ensure that your PC RAM is 16GB or more.

For gaming purposes, RAM helps the system to improve the pacing. So, if your PC doesn’t have good RAM, it can’t process the information quickly. In this manner, all the internal system becomes useless and causes game stuttering. Thereby, you must avoid using such applications that power the power of your PC.

CPU Bottleneck

Most probably, if your game is using several CPU resources, then surely you will suffer stuttering problems. This mainly happens for two major reasons: the CPU has no maximum power, or your game depends on the CPU only.

On the contrary, this happens when you try to connect the local CPU with a high-end GPU. Thereby, there comes a gap in the power, and your PC will face lagging and hanging issues. For fixing this issue, you must check the CPU usage and try to overcome it. Besides this, you must upgrade your processor to ensure its better match.

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Ways on How to Fix Stuttering in Games

ways on how to fix stuttering in games

For avoiding stuttering issues, there are many ways to overcome this problem. Graphic-wise, there are many settings with you can control stuttering and enjoy your game on PC.

Furthermore, these settings will enhance the performance of your PC and decrease the possibility of lagging. Here, some ways are given below by which you can avoid this annoying issue.

Screen Resolution Setting

First of all, it is helpful to lower the resolution of your PC screen. Well, this solution turns out very effective and reduces the stuttering issues. For this, you must ensure that you are not playing the game at a higher resolution.

Otherwise, it may overbear the GPU, which performs other operations slowly. Above all, lower screen resolution has a very noticeable fact that engages the performance and overcomes the stuttering issue immediately.

On the contrary, some games don’t allow you to lower the screen resolution. For this, select the display setting under system settings. After clicking there, restart your game, and you will feel a noticeable change.

Toggle VSync

Chiefly, Toggle VSync is a technology that allows you to synchronize the overall frame of the game. Here, the main reason to mention this process is that it offers seamless gameplay to the users. However, the negative point is that it locks the framerate at a fixed point. In this way, this technology is useful only when your GPU offers more frames than the monitor.

Decrease Anti-Aliasing

Suppose you’re facing stuttering in games, then you to decrease your anti-aliasing. There are some cases when it can’t be completely disabled, but try to get the lowest possible setting that still looks ok. Doing this will reduce the amount of graphics memory being used, and therefore, stuttering in games will drop.

One thing to note is that most modern GPUs have anti-aliasing capabilities built into them, so you don’t always need to use a software solution. Be sure to check your driver’s options. Try this tweak if you’re looking for a little more control over AA settings in games: press Shift+F2 in any game, go into advanced video settings and untick Enable application-controlled pixel shader.

Check your Internet Connection

Well, this way applies when you are playing games on any online website. Thereby, online games start to stutter if you have a bad internet connection. So, it would help if you had a fast connection to play a game without any disruption.

In case if you can choose an in-game server, then try to select the closest one. By doing this, the response time of the game increases, and the server reduces the stutters. Besides this, try to upgrade your GPU and CPU to add more RAM to your PC.

Reduce Texture Quality

Undoubtedly, texture quality is easy to reduce in most games. Mainly, texture quality is similar to graphic quality. Thereby, it is helpful to reduce the graphic quality. It is said that the lower texture quality means a higher frames rate per second.

Many people think that reducing the texture quality will worsen the game, but it is not entirely true. Yes, the game will look a bit worse, but users can easily play the game. Before you apply this feature, we suggest you t check game settings. Now let’s move to some frequently asked question.

Why Does My Game Stutter on Windows 10?

The issue of stutter occurs more with Windows 10 and 8 than previous versions of Windows. It happens because of the new display drivers that are included with Windows 10. To fix this stuttering issue, you just need to uninstall your current driver and install the older version of it.

How to Fix Game Stuttering With High FPS?

If you’re still facing stuttering in games and your PC specs are good enough, then there may be something wrong with the game. The first thing to check is Steam overlay since it’s a known cause of stutter. You can also disable v-sync from your game settings (it might be enabled by default).


Here, the main core of this article is to help you in fixing stuttering issues in games. By following these guidelines, you will surely see a noticeable reduction in stuttering and lagging. Besides this, there are many other useful techniques to reduce this issue.

However, we suggest you check your hardware and its performance first. By drop texture filtering, you can overcome this problem. In this manner, any hardware issue will help you adjust the game settings and ensure the smooth performance of your game.