Best Graphics Card Under $250 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide

Budget constraints have at one point limited our options. One thing is for sure that a short budget means a trade-off on some not-so-important features with the necessary ones.

And humans tend to attain the best out of everything we spend on. That is why we are here with the best graphics card under $250 for you.

It is commonly known that a graphic card under $250 would probably be an older generation. An older generation card would result in poor quality, slow refresh rate, and would not over-clock. Moreover, the gaming experience would be tiresome.

But wait! That’s only part of the problem. What if we tell you that there are graphics cards available that won’t sacrifice quality or the experience at all.

GPUs that cost less than $250 and perform extremely well. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dig deep into our top ten products for you.

Buying the best graphic card when on a budget is the hardest thing to do. Because over the years there are so many options to choose from. But we have to pick a winner for today. And it might not be a big surprise because the Asus PH-GT1030 leaves you speechless.

The card has a lot to offer. This amazing budget card has the looks along with the necessary qualities required. The most standout point is its ability to display 4k at a consistent fps.

Best Graphics Card under $250Our Choice

Top 10 best GPU’s which are avilable under $250 that you can buy.

GPU’s under $250 Product Details   Price
backpacGigabyte GeForce GT 10301506 MHz OC

Check Price
backpacZOTAC GeForce GT 730NVIDIA CUDA Cores

Check Price
backpacAsus GeForce GT 710GK208 silicon

Check Price
backpacMSI GT 103064-bit interface

DisplayPort, HDMI
Check Price
backpacAsus PH-GT 1030Aerospace-grade super alloy

Fully supports DX12
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backpacPower Color AMD Radeon RX 550Visual Processing Units

AMD Chipset
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backpacASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT 710GPU Tweak ll

Check Price
backpacVisionTek Radeon 77504K Ready

700 MHz Boost Speed
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backpacBiostar Radeon RX 5501183 MHz

DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI Output
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backpacBTO NVIDIA GeForce GT 73050+ FPS

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Our first GPU product review for you is Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030.

Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030

715fqILF10L. AC SL1500

Editor’s Choice

  • Core Clock 1506 Mhz
  • 1468 MHz Speed in Gaming
  • Low profile Design
  • Power requirement: 300 watts
  • Integrated with 2GB GDDR5
  • One-click Overclocking

Want an exceptional experience of playing intense battle games? This one is your best bet. The Gigabyte GT 1030 speaks wonders about itself.

It has so much to offer. The card looks extremely well as well. Keep reading to know why it’s the Best graphics card right now in the market.

The GeForce GT 1030 is not only about looks but performance. The clock rate on the card is 1506 in OC mode and 1468 while gaming.

Not only does it have a great clock rate, but the card can also be overclocked further. Although the clock rate is already sufficient enough at such a  great price.

The size of the GPU is adequate for any chassis which makes it an obvious choice for most people. With that being said, the card needs a 300-watt power input only which is readily available on most computers.

Not only does it have a great clock rate and compact design to fit your PC. It also features an integrated 2 Gb DDR5 memory support. This memory is good enough to support most of the games and software available in the market.

The GeForce GT 1030 is empowered by an all-new cooling system. This new system is designed to keep the card extremely cool under stress. The blades of the fan evenly distribute heat throughout the GPU.


  • Great value for money
  • Economical design
  • Overclocked
  • Improved performance
  • Better image quality
  • Saves power


  • Does not support 4k


The GeForce GT 1030 is one of the best cards available in the market. it offers great quality along with high-speed and improved image quality.

All of this at such a great price that it is hard to resist buying such a good device. It is without a doubt one of the best graphics cards under 250.

ZOTAC GeForce GT 730

81B4f41wzZL. AC SL1500
  • 384 Processor Cores
  • 4GB DDR3 64-bit
  • Engine clock: 902 MHz
  • Memory clock: 1600 MHz
  • PCI Express 2.0 (x8 lanes)
  • Quad Full HD (4K)

We all love smooth movements on the screen. Especially when it comes to our favorite battle games. The Zotac GT 730 ensures excellent gameplay.

It holds all the necessary updates for your integrated graphics experience. These upgrades have enhanced the viewing quality and accelerated your gaming experience by miles.

The GeForce GT 730 is equipped with robust NVIDIA CUDA Cores and large memory, ensuring that all of the new 3D games and applications run smoothly.

Super-fast web surfing, incredible picture and video editing, and ultra-detailed gaming are all included.

NVIDIA Surround, NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync, and the latest FXAA Anti-aliasing Mode are just a few of the NVIDIA technologies that can help you improve your gaming experience.

This card has a low-profile design and comes with a full-height bracket pre-installed. The kit includes two low-profile brackets for quick incorporation into HTPCs and other small form factor systems.

The GPU features 1 display DVI port, 1 VGA port, and 1 HDMI port. The power supply available on the card is 300-watt. And consumes very little power. Not only is it energy efficient it can reproduce viewing qualities up to 4k.

To further enhance the user experience and ensure the users of quality. Zotac provided the users with a warranty on their product.


  • Great heatsink
  • Comes with 4k
  • Factory overclocked
  • Runs smoothly
  • Fits most chassis


  • Chipset is a little problematic


The Zotac GT 730 does not fail to surprise the user at all. They have combined the best viewing quality along with an amazing performance.

And all of this at such a budgeted price. This 4k supported under 250 graphics card is the answer to your prayers. It is one of the best gpu for you under 250 available in the market.

Asus GeForce GT 710

A1IbPGy732L. AC SL1500
  • Asus Exclusive Heat Sink Design
  • With Passive Cooling Ensures
  • Optimal for multi-tasking
  • Gpu tweak II
  • Fully Supports dx12
  • Form factor: Low profile

The big move by Asus in the game world has to be the ASUS GT 710. They have managed to produce one of the best budget cards available in the market. and with its all-new design, Asus has managed to win the hearts of the masses.

It has 192 CUDA cores that clock up to 954MHz and 2GB of GDDR5 memory that runs at 5,012MHz across a 64-bit memory bus, all fuelled by Kepler and based on the GK208 silicon.

It has been designed to ensure that the card is passively cooled using its heatsink design.

The card comes with a whopping four HDMI ports, which is unusual. Despite this, it’s still compact and simple to fit into a small chassis with other devices.

It’s ideal for users who need to use multiple monitors at the same time, such as in an office system or workstation.

It can only run at 60 Hz when connected to a single display, with the refresh rate falling to 30 Hz when connected to two or more, but that’s still not bad. Resolutions of up to 3840×2160 are also supported by the card.


  • Runs smoothly
  • Does not heat up
  • Performs well under stress
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Vibrant colors
  • Amazing clock rate


  • Lags in a multi-monitor setup


There is so much to offer by the Asus GT 710. Asus has managed to engineer the best specs available in the market in a mid-range budget card.

The value for money this 4k supported card provides is why it is one of the best low profile gpu. Not only the quality of the image but also its ability to stay cool under stress alleviate the experience.

MSI GT 1030 Graphics Cards

61SbANSJCgL. AC SL1024
  • Video Memory: 2GB GDDR4
  • Memory Interface: 64-bit
  • Output: DisplayPort / HDMI
  • Recommended PSU: 300W
  • Form Factor: Low-profile

MSI has been in the graphics card market for a long time. They have solidified their stance in this competitive world over time.

They are especially known in the budget range. The MSI GT 1030 is no different from that either. It is a mid-range card powered by an Nvidia GeForce chipset.

One of the most noticeable things about GT 1030 is its compact size. Most consumers love GT1030 because of its compact size that can fit into almost any chassis available on the market. This factor alone can save you lots of dollars worth of money.

Since the GPU has a compact size it takes little to no power. The power rating of this card is a whopping 300-watt only.

So, not only is it easy on your pocket but also saves you electricity. The card has a 2 Gb DDR4 memory. The memory supports a 64-bit interface.

The heatsink on the card is pretty exceptional. it features a passive cooling system with a fan on it. The blades on the fan evenly distribute the heat all across the GPU to maintain the temperature under stress.

The card has a display port and an HDMI port.


  • Great value for money
  • Compact design
  • Sturdy built
  • Keeps cool under stress.
  • Better and improved performance
  • Fits nicely inside your kit


  • Does not support 4k


Overall, if we have to talk about value for money. The MSI GT 1030 is that knight in shining armor. It has performance and quality attainable at such a great price.

It can be said with immense confidence that the MSI GT 1030 is one of the brilliant graphics cards you can buy right now under $250.

Asus PH-GT 1030

91FkyTi vIL. AC SL1500
  • 1531 MHz Boost Clock
  • With 2GB GDDR5
  • Dual-ball Bearing Fan
  • 2x cooling with a longer lifespan
  • GPU Tweak II
  • HDCP support: yes

This is another Asus product on our list for today. This shows how much Asus has solidified its stance in both budget and high-end cards.

The Asus PH-GT1030 is marvelous by the look of it. And even more spectacular in its performance. There is nothing to complain about in this card. But so much to talk about.

So without further ado, let’s start talking about it. This pascal architecture card has to be your high-speed performance companion. The card clocks at 1553 MHz in Oc mode and has a memory of 2 Gb DDR5.

To ensure that the performance of the card is not compromised at all Asus made sure that its double-bearing fan mechanism is your savior. The fan has improved speed which keeps the card two times cooler than it normally would have.

To make your GPU feel a lot more premium Asus used aerospace-grade super alloy power components to improve the performance. And to further improve the performance it supports DX12 on windows 10.

Furthermore, for connectivity, the card comes with PCI Express 3.0 interface. This interface features; one HDMI port, one DVI-D input, and one native HDCP support.


  • Great quality
  • Lasts a very long time
  • Maintains temperature well
  • Provides value for money
  • Better gaming experience
  • Makes the experience worth a while


  • Fewer ports on the device


Asus never disappoints when it comes to quality. And PH-GT 1030 is quite similar as well. It has all you need in a compact design and a budget-friendly price.

The card stays cool at higher stress levels. Because of which you can use it for longer hours at a time.

Power Color AMD Radeon RX 550

614gu06%2BP L. AC SL1000
  • GDDR5 Ram Type
  • Outstanding Performance
  • with Innovative Technology
  • Unleash the Gaming Power
  • 3D Graphics Performance
  • 6 GHz Memory Clock Speed

A new hot cake in the market is available to offer stunning graphical visuals. The PowerColor AMD 550 looks stylish and compact in design. The combination of black and red has added to the character of the card.

AMD’s most advanced visual processing units provide the last drop of supercharged output with PowerColor graphics cards (VPU).

Today’s gamers will unleash the 3D graphics performance of their favorite game by using a PowerColor graphics card to play it the way it was supposed to be played.

One of the most surprising facts about the PowerColor AMD is its clock rate. The GPU clocks at a whopping 6Ghz which is a lot more than others. Furthermore, the memory support for the card is 4 Gb DDR5 ram.

What surprises us the most is that this compact card does not require any external power supply. It connects directly to the motherboard.

This feature saves you from supplying extra power to it and also saves you space for an extra wire inside your desktop setup.

The design features a large fan that keeps the card cool under stress. The big fan provides an adequate amount of air to the heatsink to keep it cool. It has two HDMI ports and a DVI-D port on it.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Improved quality
  • Lots of cool features
  • Cool and quiet working
  • Better gaming experience
  • AMD chipset


  • Fairly new to the market


The PowerColor is a fairly new brand in the graphics card market. Even though the card is new in the market they have not failed to prove their worth.

They have made sure to win over the hearts of their customers and provide them with extreme quality. The PowerColor is one of the best graphics cards for under $250.


81eQIlL8V9L. AC SL1500
  • 4 x HDMI Ports for 4 displays
  • Single-slot Design
  • With Passive Cooling
  • Auto-Extreme Technology
  • GPU Tweak II
  • 144-hour Validation Program

Powerful performance along with excellent compatibility, what else could a competitive gamer want?

This outstanding graphics card succeeds in keeping ASUS’s standards high. If we compared its splendid capabilities with the price point, we must say it’s a win-win deal.

It is one of the best graphics cards for multi-monitor setup. This is because it has a good amount of HDMI ports available on it. This multi-port setup allows you to power your desk with immense power in a small package.

The Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 710 is a low-cost desktop graphics card based on the Kepler architecture’s old GK208 chip. It is made by TSMC in 28nm and can hold up to 2 GB of DDR5-VRAM linked via a 64-bit memory bus.

Asus has ensured that they will focus on providing enhanced reliability in the GT 710. The GT 710 uses auto extreme technology for this purpose.

And to further make sure that the customer is more connected to the product they have added GPU Tweak ii. This tweaks the performance and helps control the temperature of the GPU.

Furthermore, the card had been tested in various conditions for longer hours so that reliability, compatibility, and stability weren’t a question.


  • Stable performance
  • Highly compatible
  • Runs smoothly at high temperatures
  • Very reliable quality
  • Kepler’s architecture


  • Might lag sometimes


It is one of the best gpu for mining in the market. it has great value for the price it comes at. Not only is it amazing at producing the best results for you.

The card is relatively stable in its performance. And can be relied upon. It is one of the best graphics cards under 250 when it comes to stability and compatibility.

VisionTek Radeon 7750

711z7%2BJtZDL. AC SL1500
  • Watch Cinematic 4k Content
  • Bus-powered 65W Max Power
  • Supports AC-3, AAC
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • Connect to any Monitor
  • 1125 MHz Memory Clock

This one might not be the best-looking graphic card, but it does not disappoint in performance in any way at all. The card features a Radeon chipset. It has great quality and is packed with features.

The VisionTek Radeon 7750 SFF 2GB GDDR5 2x DP GPU enables portable PCs to control the most advanced monitors at the highest resolutions.

You can view full 4K content using two DisplayPort cables with separate resolutions, allowing you to use one 4K monitor and one high definition (1080P) monitor, or some combination of the two.

A minimal type factor The design allows you to add more monitors to smaller PCs, and a full-height bracket is included to suit standard-size cases. The bus-powered architecture eliminates the need for additional power pins. Resolutions up to 60Hz are supported.

The heatsink on the VisionTek is exemplary as well. It makes sure that all of the many features and great speed of the card can be obtained at its full potential. That is why the big fan and improved heat sink keep it cool at all times.


  • Does not dent your pocket
  • Great speed and performance
  • Can be altered to your requirements
  • Decent built
  • Power-efficient


  • Not very common among people


In all modesty, one might be doubtful when buying a VisionTek graphic card. But the specs of the card speak louder than anything and they prove to the world that there are multiple reasons to buy a VisionTek card.

So in our recommendation, it would be a great fit for our customers on a tight budget. This GPU is one of the best available for the price under $250.

Biostar Radeon RX 550

  • Boost Frequency 1183 MHz
  • Max Performance, 512 Cores
  • Powerful GPU Memory
  • Gaming Memory Speed 1500 MHz
  • Memory Size 4GB GDDR5
  • Max Memory Bandwidth 96 GB/s
  • HDMI 4K Support

This AMD Radeon kitted graphic card might be a magnificent addition to your PC setup. By all appearances, the Biostar AMD Radeon RX 550 is a stylish and lightweight graphics card. The card’s character has been enhanced by the use of black and red.

With Biostar graphics cards, AMD’s most advanced visual processing units deliver the final drop of supercharged performance (VPU).

Today’s gamers will use a Biostar graphics card to unlock the 3D graphics performance of their favorite game and play it the way it was meant to be played.

The clock rate of the Biostar AMD is one of the most surprising features. The GPU runs at 1183 MHz, which is significantly faster than other GPUs. Furthermore, the card’s memory support is a 4 GB DDR5 ram.

The fact that this compact card does not need any external power supply astounds us the most. It has a direct link to the motherboard. This feature eliminates the need for additional power and eliminates the need for an extra wire inside your desktop setup.

A large fan is featured in the design, which keeps the card cool under pressure. The large fan circulates enough air around the heatsink to keep it cool. DisplayPort 1.4 HDR, Dual-Link DVI-D, and HDMI 4K60 support are all included.


  • Impressive gaming experience
  • Improved quality
  • Lots of interesting features
  • Supports 4k
  • Smooth gaming
  • Higher refresh rate


  • Unknown to the market


After going through Biostar it is unfair to say that it is not a great graphics card. It is one of the best graphics cards under 250 to support 4k at 60 fps. Overall the Biostar proves its competency by its qualities and features.


71sdT5WO2bL. AC SL1500
  • Low Profile Design / Tower Design
  • Hardware Video Decode Acceleration
  • Connectors: VGA, DVI, HDMI
  • Low-End Video Card
  • Support Two-Monitors

With the maximum resolution of 2560p x 1600p for quad high definition. This high-quality video card allows you to link two monitors to the video card’s VGA, HDMI, or DVI ports for a complete display.

The BTO Nvidia GeForce GT 730 comes with a low-profile bracket that will comfortably suit your desktop computer, as well as an extra tower bracket that can be used with a tower computer.

Most games, such as Assassin’s Creed IV, Call of Duty, Farcry 3, Fortnite, and others, need low settings at 50+ FPS to run.

Although by the look of it the card can support up to two cards at a single time. This enables it to be a good choice for a multi-monitor setup. The quality might be a little compromised by the reduced refresh rate but it does not take a massive toll.

The small size of the card lets it fit in all types of chassis with ease. The benefit of this is saving on space and also saves you money as you would need a smaller casing.

The heatsink is just adequate on the card with a massive fan on the bottom and heatsink pipes surrounding it. It circulates air to stay cool.


  • Does not cost a lot
  • Good gaming experience
  • Improved resolution
  • Can stay cool
  • Saves space
  • Looks cool
  • Optimal power requirements


  • Can’t compete with high-end models


Overall, The BTO Nvidia GeForce 730 is a good enough card for your budget PC built. It might not be as good as its competitors mainly because of their place in the market.

It has an adequate amount of features and the ability to support almost basic qualities at a high FPS.

Buyer Guide for Best Graphics Card Under $250

For every customer to make the right decision they must have the necessary education. Education in this refers to their knowledge about the product they are going to buy.

If they go on to buy a shoe they should know what to look for in a shoe. Similarly, the users need to understand what to look for in their graphics card. So without further ado let’s dig deep together into key points to look for while buying a GPU.

Refresh Rate:

It is known to most of us what a refresh rate is. And that higher refresh rate is always better. But is it the only thing to consider while buying a GPU, or is there more? Yes, there more to buying a GPU than just the refresh rate. Variables matter as well.

The VariableRefresh Rate technology or the VRR incorporated in most GPUs determines how your GPU reacts to the different number of frames.

Without VRR your GPU would likely be prone to overworking itself.  It would clock at higher rates continuously and cause the GPU to skip a frame.

So in our opinion when buying a graphic card you should look for the Sync that is available with VRR.

If the monitor has Freesync it is advised to use an AMD graphics card. And when the monitor has GSync it is advisable to use an Nvidia GPU. This would result in obtaining the best results for you.

Size of GPU:

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a GPU has to be the length and size of the card. The length of the card determines the space the GPU occupies in the chassis.

If a card is longer it would require a bigger chassis. As compared to a smaller card that would easily fit in a smaller chassis.

A smaller chassis also saves the cost of buying a bigger kit which might have been the case if the GPU had more length on it. So do make sure you are aware of the length of your GPU.

Can it be overclocked?

There are two types of cards available in the market. One, those that come factory overclocked, and two, those that have to be overclocked manually. Most high-end and third-party cards usually come overclocked from factor. But some cards need to be overclocked. 

So what is better? Both GPUs are equally amazing. Since overclocking by yourself has never been as easy as it is now.  Therefore, it does not matter if your card is factory overclocked or not. 

Heat Dissipation of GPU:

One of the most important questions that arise in everyone’s mind is the cooling system on the card. Heat needs to be dissipated so that the card does not overheat when it is used for longer hours.

But at the same time, the fan does not need to sound like a leaf blower. So make sure the card you choose dissipates heat effectively. Make sure that it runs quietly and keeps the heatsinks cool.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Graphics Card Under $250?

This subjective question cannot be answered without not knowing the reason for consumer choice. Although, crowing a winner is a highly subjective matter it is fair to say the best would be what people love most. The best graphics card under 250 is the Nvidia MSI GTX 1660 super. The card provides great value.

Can a Graphics Card Die?

How long something lasts depends on how much and how you use it. If you take care of your products they go a long way. But if you do not take care of them they can go bad. Similarly, graphics cards can die. The main cause usually is heating because of continuous work.

How Much Should I Spend on a Graphics Card?

There is no specific range for you to spend in. The spending spectrum depends on the tasks to be performed on the GPU. If your tasks are everyday tasks and gaming only. The range of $200-$300 is a perfect range for you to get a great GPU for yourself.

Do I Really Need a Graphics Card?

If you’re a standard user who uses their device to stream and watch videos only. You don’t need a dedicated graphics card for that. You only need a dedicated graphics card when you have to perform intensive tasks on your GPU.

Does Graphic Card Increase Computer Speed?

This depends on what type of graphics card you have. If your graphic card shares the memory available on the PC. Then if you plug in a graphics card the vacant available memory on the card would be freed up for your system to use.


So far we’ve seen several options of the Best Graphics Card Under 250. Whether it’s intense battery games or finishing heavy tasks, our recommended options won’t leave any room for disappointment.

We’re sure choosing the one isn’t anymore difficult for you, with our buying guide you’ll pick the one effortlessly. Still have concerns?

Check the FAQs section, you’ll have all answers to your doubts!