Best Graphics Card Under $150

Graphics cards have become a very integral component of a computer system, especially when you are a professional who requires high-end visuals and performance; what do you think? 

GPUs become very costly due to mining, but you can still get the best graphics card under $150 with maximum performance. While checking the market for graphics cards, you will come across a wide variety of options, including different brands, numerous features, and different price tags.

The price range of these cards ranges between a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the features offered. We have done some research and compiled the ten best graphics card under $150 that offer all the necessary features.  

Do you want to know about our top recommendation out of all the products listed? Hang on; it will be revealed in the next line.

Out of all ten graphics cards mentioned below, we would strongly recommend you check the PNY Quadro P400 graphics card in-depth. It is equipped with 3D Vision technology, Quadro MOSAIC Technology, offers 1 GB GDDR3 memory, and many more. 

List of Best Graphics Card Under $150

Before diving into the detailed review guide, why not take a quick glance at the key features offered by all the products in our listing?  

GPU’s under $150ProductDetails  Price
cordlessblowerZOTAC GeForce GT 7101GB DDR3
Cooling thermal solution
Silent performance
Check Price
cordlessblowerZOTAC GeForce GT 7304GB DDR3

FXAA Anti-Aliasing Mode
Check Price
cordlessblowerAsus GeForce GT 7102GB GDDR5

Silent passive cooling
Check Price
cordlessblowerMSI GeForce GT 10302GB DDR DRAM

Check Price
cordlessblowerGigabyte GeForce GT 7102GB DDR5 SDRAM

Single-slot card
Check Price
cordlessblowerEVGA GT 7102048MB DDR3
NVIDIA drivers
PCI Express 2.0
Check Price
cordlessblowerVisionTek Radeon 77502GB GDDR5
4K display
Digital Signage
3-years of warranty
Check Price
cordlessblowerBTO NVIDIA GeForce GT 7304GB DDR3 SDRAM

2560 x 1600p Resolution
Check Price
cordlessblowerPNY Quadro P4001 GB GDDR3
3D Vision Technology
Check Price
cordlessblowerNVIDIA Quadro K2000D2GB GDDR5
3840 x 2160p resolution
Single-slot card
Check Price

So, what’s the best graphics card under $150, find out from this list of unbiased reviews of top-performing Graphics processing units in budget-friendly price tag.

ZOTAC GeForce GT 710

71Gg09aXz0L. AC SL1500

Editor’s Choice

  • GPU with 192 Cuda Cores
  • 6 GB 192-bit GDDR5
  • Pci Express x 1
  • Triple Display Capable
  • 300-watt power supply
  • Driver disc. 2 x low profile I/o Brackets


Want to improve the graphics of your computer or add incredible flexibility to the visuals. The ZOTAC GT 170 is all you need right now.

Its wide range of impressive features makes it the ideal choice for your monitor, that too, in low power consumption. It is the perfect blend of efficiency and multimedia to turn your computer experience ten times better. 


It is a perfect fit for systems with space constraints as its architecture allows it to be half in height as well as half in length. With less power, you can avail extraordinary performance.

The graphics card only requires 25Watts power. You can use three connectivity options of HDMI, DVI, and VGA to obtain high-resolution display outputs.  

This graphic card features Fanless cooling, NVIDIA PureVideoTM HD technology, NVIDIA FXAATM technology, NVIDIA PhysX technology, NVIDIA CUDA technology, and NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync Technology to provide you with the finest graphics results.

It is compatible with platforms including Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/ x86/ x64. It is compatible with many software, including NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 GPU, Microsoft Direct X 12 (feature level 11_0), OpenGL 4.5, Open CL, etc. 


With a memory speed of 1600 MHz, an engine clock of 954 MHz, 192 CUDA cores, and a high resolution of 2560 x 1600, this graphics card elevates your computer’s overall performance. 


  • Easy setup
  • Easily upgrades integrated graphics
  • Affordable
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Includes low profile bracket


  • Not suitable with every game
  • Only works with low profile games
  • Unsuitable for Linux

Final Verdict

If you are running on a low budget and need an instant solution for low-profile games, this is absolutely the right graphic card for you. 

ZOTAC GeForce GT 730

81B4f41wzZL. AC SL1500
  • GPU with 384 Processor Cores
  • 4GB DDR3. 64-bit memory Bus
  • Engine clock: 902 MHz
  • Memory clock: 1600 MHz
  • Quad Full HD (4K)


A powerful upgrade to your computer and a strong boost to overall performance. Now you play your favorite games, watch and edit videos and images professionally and browse with a faster-integrated system, all with the ZOTAC GT 730.

By now, you must be eager to know what features make this product one of the best graphics cards under $150, so, without any further delay, let’s find out. 


First off, this graphics card is installed with 384 processor cores and constructed on a 28nm process. The GT 730 offers you a highly abundant memory, i.e., 4GB DDR3 with a memory clocking speed of 1600 MHz and a memory bus of 64-bit.

On the other hand, the engine clock speed of this card is 902 MHz. The interface at which the graphics card works is PCI Express 2.0.

The display will show crisp images and clearer visuals, thanks to the Full HD and Quad Full HD (4K) options.  

There are various technologies integrated into the GT 730 graphics card that improves the performance such as NVIDIA PhysX Technology which helps prevent the unrealistic canned animation and show visuals with more details.

Also, the 3D Vision Support ensures Full HD resolution if you have a 3D Vision, compatible monitor. 


Features like Adaptive V-Sync Technology, NVIDIA’s CUDA, etc., play a vital role in the overall performance of this graphics card.

Since the ZOTAC GT 730 is an older release and has not been updated. Some technologies might not perform up to the mark.


  • Excellent resolution
  • Great connectivity options


  • Relatively poor speed

Final Verdict:

Despite being an old model, the ZOTAC GT 730 offers an extensive range of features that work well for several users.

If you are a professional who is in search of a top-notch graphics card, then you might not like this product. However, as a mid-level professional, the GT 730 is a great choice to consider. 

Asus GeForce GT 710

A1IbPGy732L. AC SL1500
  • Exclusive Heat Sink Design
  • With Passive Cooling
  • Decent Gaming Experience
  • Optimal for Multi Tasking
  • Gpu tweak II
  • Form factor: Low profile


If you’re looking to invest in a budget-friendly graphics card that has decent features to improve your computer’s speed and reliability. Let’s jump in straight to the features the GT 710 has to offer. 


Embedded with the Auto-Extreme Technology, the ASUS graphics card use super alloy power II that is magnetic, heat resistive, and anti-corrosion to boost your computer’s performance and increase your GPU’s lifespan.

Moreover, the GT 710 has a built-in heat sink that dissipates all the heat without making any noise and ensures that your graphics card works in a cool environment.

With this low-profile graphics card, you can work efficiently in three different displays as it features an HDMI, DVI, and VGA for connectivity ports. 

Another impressive feature in the ASUS GeForce GT 710 graphics card is the GPU tweak II that gives you the option to maximize the overall performance and speed of the system by overclocking.

While overclocking does increase the burden and temperature on your GPU, you still don’t have to worry, thanks to the passive cooling system present inside. That being said, you can also have a decent gaming experience by using the GT 710.

By enabling the gaming booster, the GPU automatically disables the visual effects and system services to enhance your gaming experience to the next level 


By using the low-profile ASUS GeForce GT 710 graphics card, you are certain to get a boost in your system.

The GDDR5 RAM is integrated on the GPU that has a size of 2GB. Moreover, a memory and clock speed of 954MHz ensures the performance of the system is robust and rapid.


  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Noiseless


  • Stutters in normal games

Final Verdict:

Overall, the ASUS GT 710 is a great value of money and ideal for improving your system’s overall performance and making it fast. 

MSI GeForce GT 1030

61SbANSJCgL. AC SL1024
  • Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
  • Video Memory: 2GB GDDR4
  • Memory Interface: 64-bit
  • Output: DisplayPort / HDMI
  • Recommended PSU: 300W
  • Form Factor: Low-profile


Being the best graphics card under $150, it is undoubtedly the best choice for people who wish to achieve improved performance on less budget.

Its excellent Graphics, efficiency, and editing features allow your computer to be flexible with a super-powerful graphics engine and advanced technologies. 

If 150 seems too high, then you can check best graphics card under 50 guide on our website as well. You can also buy gpu under $50.


Unlike other graphics cards, this card has an award-winning NVIDIA Pascal architecture. NVIDIA helps bring cinematic effect to the visuals of the computer. Not only that, NVIDIA is famous for making gameplay smooth.

Other than that, the GeForce helps keep the applications as well as drivers updated. 

Similarly, its low profile design consumes less space and makes it adjustable to every size of the system.

Similarly, it also contains the Afterburner feature, which allows your hardware to deliver the finest performance by actively facilitating fan profiles, video recording, and benchmarking. The output options include HDMI and DisplayPort. 


The Graphics Card Core Processor called NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 adds efficiency to the computer performance.

The memory bus width is 64 bits, and the memory speed is 1430 MHz which, together with the 834 CUDA cores, increases the Resolution and performance of the computer. 


  • Displays exceptional video
  • Affordable


  • Slow speed
  • Has many limitations
  • Unsuitable for high-resolution games

Final Verdict:

Although this graphics card comes with many limitations, it also has its advantages. It is an incredible choice for improving video display resolution at less price.

If you are a game lover, then this card is definitely not worth your money because it does not provide ideal graphics results for gaming except the low-profile ones.

Gigabyte GeForce GT 710

71hdYpK6ioL. AC SL1500
  • Integrated with 2GB GDDR5 64bit memory Interface
  • Core Clock:954MHz
  • Features Dual-link DVI-I/ HDMI
  • Support PCI Express 2.0 x 8 bus interface
  • Form Factor: low profile


Stop your struggle with the poor visuals and low performance, and gear up your computer with the Gigabyte GT 730 graphics card.

This high-performance graphics card is equipped with dazzling features that enhance your gaming experience and provide you with premium quality visuals for photo and video editing.  


The amazing low-profile graphics card manufactured by Gigabyte is built on PCI Express 2.0 x8 bus interface with a core clock speed of 954 MHz. Its low-profile design is responsible for space-saving yet easy installation.

The memory size is 2 GB and 64-bit memory bus along with a memory clocking speed of 5010MHz. Also, the Gigabyte GT 710 requires a system power supply of 300W. 

This graphics card allows you to tune the fan performance, clock speeds, real-time power target, and voltage through its AORUS Engine Utility.

This helps you to adjust the setting according to the requirements of your game in order to enhance the gameplay experience.

This graphics card also features a gold-plated HDMI connection port, ensuring the optimal transfer of the signals.  


The Gigabyte GT 710 provides its users with faster web browsing, smoother gameplay with great details, and highly professional video and photo editing. Therefore, in terms of performance, this graphics card surely wins. 


  • Easy installation
  • AORUS Engine Utility
  • Longer life


  • Tad glitch drivers on Windows 10

Final Verdict:

If you are a new gamer and looking for a good graphics card that not only helps in a smoother gameplay experience but also delivers crisp images then, look for none other except the Gigabyte GeForce GT 710. 


61i8T0KbvvL. AC SL1200
  • Best GPU for Gaming
  • Base Clock: 954 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 1800 MHz
  • Effective CUDA Cores: 192
  • Memory Detail: 2048MB DDR3
  • Memory Bandwidth: 14.4 GB/s


One of the most affordable graphics cards present in the market that not only increases the overall performance of your personal computer but also guarantees a ten times increase in your graphics.

Below are the features of EVGA GT 710 that make it a good choice to have for you.


There are three output ports present in the GPU, i.e., the VGA, DVI, and HDMI. All three can be accessed at the same time for a triple monitor setup.

That being said, the max resolution you can get is from the VGA output at 2560 x 1600 pixels. The EVGA GT 710 is very compact in size and can fit easily on any laptop or computer.

It features 192 CUDA cores that give you a memory clock of 1800 MHz 

The GPU also has an impressive fan-less structure that ensures there is no wear and tear due to heat, and the card runs smoothly without any noise. Furthermore, the power consumption is pretty stable, with about 300 watts required. 


EVGA itself claims to enhance your graphics and make your system perform better up to 80% by using the GT 710 graphics card.

If we look at the specifications, the graphics card has DDR3 RAM with a size of 2 GB precisely hence you’re surely getting a good upgrade of your PC. 


  • Stable
  • Compatibility
  • Affordable


  • No CD for installation of drivers

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for the best graphics card under $150 that will enhance your computer’s performance and give you an option for multi-display, then we recommend you to go for the EVGA GT 710.

VisionTek Radeon 7750

711z7%2BJtZDL. AC SL1500
  • With Cinematic 4k content
  • Bus-Powered 65w Max
  • With Independent Audio
  • Refresh Rates with AMD Eyefinity
  • 1125 MHz Memory Clock
  • 800 MHz GPU clock


VisionTek never fails to create excellent tech products that are not only reliable but include tons of impressive features. With this Graphics card, you can easily power up your computer with the finest resolution and performance.

You can easily use this card on your computer to boost your game’s efficiency threefold. All you have to do is install its drivers, and the card will be ready to use. 


VisionTek graphics card is ideal for a Dual 4K display setup as its high resolution of 4096 x 2160 at 60 Hz gives you a taste of cinematic effect.

It also does not need any additional power source as it is bus-powered and draws only 65 W. The maximum power supply should be 300W.  

Since it is suitable for dual display, you can easily connect a monitor using the DisplayPort and customize the refresh rates and resolution with the help of AMD Eyefinity technology.

Other than that, the DisplayPort also supports an audio feature, provided the audio formats are AC-3, Dolby TrueHD, AAC, DDMA, and DTS Master.

The supported platforms include Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP, Ubuntu x86, CentOS, RHEL x86, and Linus x86


Its graphic processor of Radeon HD 7750, together with the memory speed of 700MHz, provides you with an amazing computer performance that is lag-free and enjoyable for games. 


  • Ideal for basic Windows app
  • Easy installation
  • Comes with Full-Height Bracket


  • Limited to Windows basic apps
  • Unsuitable for 165Hz DisplayPort
  • Gets overheated
  • Fan is noisy

Final Verdict:

If you have to work on a basic Windows app or low profile games on the Web, then this card is the ideal solution for less price. 


71sdT5WO2bL. AC SL1500
  • Low Profile Design / Tower Design
  • Hardware Video Decode Acceleration
  • Connectors: VGA, DVI, HDMI
  • Low End Video Card
  • Low End Games
  • Support Two-Monitors


Another low-profile graphics card that deserves to be on your list is the BTO GT 730 that impressively upgrades your computer graphics and visuals for an improved experience.  


This graphics card from BTO has a tower yet low profile design hence saves up space and is easy to install. Due to the tower and low profile design, this card is compatible with both desktop and tower, both.

The bus interface integrated into this graphics card is the PCI Express 2.0 x16, whereas the memory size offered is huge, i.e., 4GB. As far as the memory clock is concerned, it is 1600 MHz. 

You will be able to display the visual at an amazing resolution of 2560 x 1600p. 

This graphics card also supports a dual monitor setup with three different display inputs, i.e., HDMI, DVI-D Dual Link, and VGA.

This extremely lightweight and versatile video card is compatible with various Microsoft Windows versions including, 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista (X86/X64).  


This exceptional BTO graphics card guarantees high performance since it supports several technologies that work collectively to enhance the system’s overall performance.

Some of these technologies are Adaptive V-Sync Technology, CUDA Technology, PhysX Technology, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, Blu-Ray 3D Ready, and a lot more. 


  • Support for numerous technologies
  • 384 CUDA cores


  • Doesn’t support 4K

Final Verdict:

Considering all the aforementioned features, the BTO NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 is surely one of the best graphics cards under $150, especially for users who don’t require a 4K display. 

PNY Quadro P400

41QG4lYoNoL. AC
  • Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
  • Chipset Line Quadro
  • Chipset Series P
  • Chipset Model P400


For small workplaces with high graphics and media requirements, the PNY Quadro P400 is definitely worth looking for. This impressive graphics card is packed with features, so let’s discuss a few of them below. 


The chipset used in the PNY Quadro is NVIDIA that promises to deliver great performance overall to accelerate applications. Take your performance to the next level as the graphics card is embedded with NVIDIA’s Quadro Pascal GPU, i.e.

The strongest GPU architecture of the company. This would not only render your games and system smoothly but also improve the graphics overall.  

To prevent the GPU from overheating, PNY has attached a fan-sink cooler that provides proper airflow through the graphics card. This works perfectly in CPUs that have an unrestricted flow of air.

In terms of connectivity, the PNY Quadro has 3 output slots that can be accessed at the same time. All three outputs comprise DisplayPort that can support a maximum of ultra-high-definition 4K displays.  


With 256 CUDA cores, 2 GB RAM of GDDR5, and Quadro Mosaic Technology, you’re guaranteed to get efficiency and high responsiveness in your PC.

Moreover, the mosaic tech enriches the quality of the image and makes your display vibrant with sharp images. 


  • Easy to use
  • Enhances display


  • Not suited for gaming

Final Verdict:

With all these amazing features and specs, the PNY Quadro is best suited for small workplaces that have to work continuously on applications like CAD or DCC hence making it one of the best graphics cards under $150.

NVIDIA Quadro K2000D

91rYwIPlNtL. AC SL1500
  • Bus: PCI-Express 2.0 x16
  • Video Memory: 2GB GDDR5
  • Memory Bandwidth:?64.0 GB/s
  • Memory Interface: 128-bit
  • Max. Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Connectors: DVI-I, DVI-D


Carrying the perfect blend of technology and performance that elevates your system’s productivity and enhances the visual quality and multimedia features of the computer.

The NVIDIA Quadro is reasonable and packed with a range of impressive features and power graphics engines, this card is the ultimate solution to your system lacking.  


The video card is designed using the NVIDIA Quadro K200 chipset. With an SMX streaming multiprocessor and a new geometry engine, the system’s performance increases threefold.

The card uses NVIDIA CUDA technology which accelerates computation, image processing, and video processing incredibly.

Two modes of technology called FXAA and TXAA, help in smoothing the visuals and creating high-quality visuals.  

Similarly, with NVIDIA 3D VISION and NVIDIA 3D VISION PRO, you get to experience immersive effects on your computer/ workspace.

Its design is Ultra-quiet, meaning that the cooling design of the architecture protects the card from getting overheated.

You can enjoy the excellent resolution of 3840 x 2160 with this card installed on your computer. For connectors, the video card supports DisplayPort and DVI-D. 


Because of its triangle power engine, CUDA Technology, Anti-Aliasing modes, a Memory Clock speed of 2000 MHz, and NVIDIA Quadro as a graphics processor, this video card delivers high-end performance and even better visualization results.


  • Consists of the latest GDDR memory version
  • Supports latest games
  • Supports multi-display technology


  • Lacks HDMI output
  • Doesn’t support ECC memory
  • Lacks Air-water cooling

Final Verdict:

Being installed with the latest technology and an incredibly powerful engine, this video card is the best solution for your computer, especially if you always stay updated with the latest games.

Under a friendly budget, this video card is undoubtedly the best package for your workstation.  

Factors to Consider While Purchasing GPU

Graphic cards are said to be the most crucial part of your system when you’re building a new computer.

While there are so many options present in the market, from elite-level gaming to mid-range GPUs, it is important to spend your money on a graphics card that perfectly fits your requirement. 

1. Memory 

With the advancement of new games and heavy applications, we recommend opting for a graphics card that has a minimum of 4GB of GDDR5 to ensure a smooth-running computer that can support your games as well.

While a graphics card under 2 GB does sound a cheap and reasonable option, their performance is not up to the mark; hence you will be facing stuttering and low-quality display. 

2. Integrated or Discrete 

Integrated graphics refer to GPUs that come in built-in and linked with the CPU to provide overall smooth performance.  For routine usage, these types of graphics cards work best and give you enough power for playing games.

Meanwhile, Discrete GPUs are those that come separate from the processor and are not linked with the CPU. These types of GPUs generate a lot of power; hence if you’re a competitive gamer, then you can certainly look into this. 

3. Ports 

Getting a graphic card with the output connectivity for your monitor is very important unless you’ll be buying connectors to set up the display.

Different graphics cards come in different connectivity options such as HDMI, DisplayPort, VGI, and DVI, so make sure to get according to your requirement. 

If you think 150 cannot get you the best GPU, then we also have a guide on the best graphics card under 250 to help you pick more powerful and resourceful GPUs. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Graphics Card for $150?

While there are many options available in the market under 150 dollars, we believe that the PNY Quadro P400 graphics card is the best you could get within this price range.

The GPU is commanding in terms of performance and very much affordable as well. Not only can you play 3D and Virtual Reality based games with this GPU but also enjoy the latest games at a high resolution of 4K. 

Does Having 2 GPU’s Increase Performance?

Yes, they do. Having 2 GPUs increases your performance as well as the graphics of the game you’re playing. Moreover, you tend to get a high frame rate with excellent resolution.

Although having 2 GPUs draws a lot of power hence you could face some heating and noise issues, however if you can bear these problems, then there is nothing to worry about.  

How Do I Choose a Graphics Card for Gaming?

It is surely a tough task to choose the best graphics card that lies within your range and has all the required specifications as well.

Moreover, there are some important factors that must be considered while buying. Our buying guide above will tell you how to choose the best graphics card for gaming or editing.  

What Graphics Cards Can Run 4k?

The number of graphics card that supports 4K video format is huge. However, if you are in search of a graphics card that can easily run 4K, make sure to ask the seller about it and carefully check the specifications of the card yourself as well. 

Can Any Graphics Card Work with Any Motherboard?

No graphics card can work with any motherboard. ISA, PCI, AGP, and VESA cannot work with a motherboard, especially if it is brand new. Every motherboard is designed with specific slots for specific components.  

Ending words 

With an increased demand for graphics cards these days, especially from professional gamers and editors, companies are manufacturing high-end as well as entry-level graphics cards so that both experts and beginners can be entertained. 

We believe that our review guide for the best graphics card under $150 had all the necessary information that popped all the bubbles of confusion in your head.