Best Graphics Card for AutoCAD

If you are an artist who designs 2D and 3D images using Autodesk-powered AutoCAD software, you might need to put your prime focus on the system’s graphics card along with screen quality, trackpad’s precision, screen responsiveness, FPS, and refresh rate.

Above all, it’s the GPU’s quality that can tame all other concerns and that’s why here we are with a well-researched list of Best Graphic Cards for AutoCAD so you can choose the best according to your needs and preferences.

Also, we’ve included best graphics card for under 300 dollars too, so you can play smart within a budget.

A Graphics Card or GPU works to increase the image or picture quality by taking care of all the graphics and motions to be displayed on the screen.

A GPU isn’t necessary if you’re using a monitor for basic computing tasks like using Microsoft, browsing, and socializing.

Conversely, if you are more of a gamer enthusiast or due to any other reason, work and play with images, motion, graphics, and videos, a compatible GPU is a must otherwise the system’s RAM and SSD wouldn’t respond accurately.   

At the moment, if you are in a hurry, you can trust Our Top Pick NVIDIA VCQP2000-PB Quadro P2000  which is ultimately the best graphics card for AutoCAD.

It comes with exceptional video memory and offers a high resolution that ensures you’d have the best time while designing your masterpieces as well as playing some favorite games in your free time.

With extremely easy installation, it offers a medium energy boost making it an ideal system.

Best Graphics Card for AutoCADOur Choice

For more figures and statistics, go through the article and you can also check out the comparison table for a quick intro.

GPU for AutoCadProductDetails  Price
cordlessblowerNVIDIA VCQP2000-PB Quadro P2000An inclusive memory interface

NVIDIA Chipset
Check Price
cordlessblowerAMD Radeon ProW 5700Big 8 GB size RAM of Graphics

AMD Chipset
Check Price
cordlessblowerASUS GeForce GTXQuality wattage figure

8GB Turbo Graphic Card
Check Price
cordlessblowerXFX AMD Radeon VllUltra boost 1801 MHz at peak

Check Price
cordlessblowerPNY Geforce GTXA top-class 6GB Memory

Single Fan Graphics Card
Check Price
cordlessblowerXFX Radeon RX VegaEfficient platinum level readyCheck Price
cordlessblowerPNY NVIDIA Quadro K 1200Convenient compatibilityCheck Price
cordlessblowerAMD Video Card 100Swift AMD Processor +

Radeon Pro Graphics Coprocessor
Check Price
cordlessblowerGigabyte Geforce GTX4 GB GDDR5 with 128 Bit

NVIDIA Pascal Architecture
Check Price
cordlessblowerASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX570It has a broad blade design

Radeon RX 570 Graphics Coprocessor
Check Price

Now, let’s start our first product review which is best GPU for Autocad.

NVIDIA Quadro P2000

81tDoRoKhhL. AC SL1500

Editor’s Choice

  • Video Memory: 5GB GDDR5
  • Memory interface: 160 Bit
  • Max. Resolution: 5120 x 2880
  • Support 4x Display monitors
  • Form Factor: Full height

Among all the Best Graphic card for AutoCAD, the highly recommended graphics processing unit for fruitful gaming is the NVIDIA Quadro P2000 because it is highly efficient as it features multiple reliable characteristics.

It is known for its speedy installation and how it operates without any interruption or issue. It goes extremely smoothly and is satisfactorily functional in almost all kinds of servers.

The dimensions of this product are around 7.9 x 3 x 4.4 inches which are in a straight rectangular shape with perfect dimensions.

This product has been constructed with premium decisions and it has GPU that is used with progressing and up-to-date visualization. With the latest qualities, it provides the ability to encounter the standards of graphics requirements these days.

The card comes with efficient horsepower for incredible real-life design and ensures that it helps to make 3D models with the finest details.

You can connect 2 graphic cards with the device at the same time for better and extreme performance. This product comes with the graphic GDDR5 RAM which is not only modern but also helps to perform well.

The chipset of this graphic card is made up of NVIDIA Quadro P2000.

The video memory has also been made to give you a reliable and long-lasting experience. As it comes with 5GB GDDR5 components.

The resolution of this product is 5120 x 2880 which is considered eligible to maximize quality and will give you a realistic effect in video from all wide angles that ensure to support and perform with 4x display monitors.

Overall, the design and product would be highly appropriate for advancements in your system.


  • Convenient for all servers
  • Provides detailed video
  • Efficient and quick installation
  • Error-free system


  • Not really found any

Our Verdict

The graphic card has AMD FreeSync technology as well as it is an adaptive synchronization technology that removes the cashing, interruption, and spoils visual from the display and shows the ultra-clear for calm and straight experience, making it the ultimate best graphics card for mining and AutoCAD.

AMD Radeon ProW 5700

81j0hEl23rL. AC SL1500
  • Supports AMD Eyefinity Technology
  • RDNA GPU Architecture
  • Stream Processors 2304
  • Compute Units 36
  • Form Factor PCIe® Add-in Card
  • Active Cooling

Graphics cards by AMD are rare but budget users still feel confident with these GPUs because of the higher performance in low price like the AMD Radeon Pro, that features high-compatible features and is VR-ready to ensure you can play any kind of game smoothly.

This product is not designed for only 3D CAD. It has been specifically made for modern and the latest demands in the market that offers realistic image flow and smooth video with ultra HD.

VR is there to support all kinds of games whereas for that it comes with 8 GB GDDR6 high memory, with 1 USB-C port for the latest headsets. They have included these features so that they won’t crash in the middle or earlier.

At an initial glimpse, some of you might have thought that this AMD Radeon is the only advancement from the previous one Radeon 5100. But it has much more and the Radeon has come stronger than ever before. The overall performance has been raised professionally.


  • Reliable insertion
  • Compatible with other PC’s
  • 5 mini interfaces for quick connectivity
  • At once 6 monitors can function with it


  • No warranty

Our Verdict

It comes with technology that supports beyond its requirements and helps Workstation with an approach to their users. The Radeon doesn’t expect anything whether you are using it for long evenings or occasionally.

The design of this pro w5700 is so efficient that it can be used with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection and Critic Virtual apps while approving from the desktop.


  • Asus Turbo-GTX
  • 1.61 GHz Core
  • 1.73 GHz Boost Clock
  • 8 GB GDDr5x
  • Pci Express 3.0
  • Dual Slot Space Required
  • With Fan Cooler

Want something essential that keeps gameplay faster as well as smoother without breaking your bank? We cannot recommend this GPU enough.

The ASUS GeForce provides a supportive gaming background and quick connectivity features. With a graphic engine GTX 1080 for the fastest process in the system, it proves the worth.

Featuring a 3.0 version, it is used to standby the devices efficiently and to take the information from one part of the product to another.

The latest version ensures that it supplies the foremost and exact information and current without any changes. This makes the system work more accurately.

The open GL (Open Graphic Library) is an interconnected language in the system. The 2D and 3D models and graphics are designed through this function.

This graphic card comes with 4.5 versions that ensure ultra quality than the standard ones. Same as for video memory, it is GDDR5X 8 GB which isn’t ultra but appropriate for a normal and good running memory in the processor.

The engine clock comes with 2 features, one is a GPU boost clock and the other is a GPU base clock.


  • Fan cooler for a smooth flow
  • High wattage for good connection
  • LED and RGB attractive lightning


  • It does not have destiny 2

Our Verdict

The Boost Clock has 1733 MHz whereas the Base Clock comes with 1607 MHz they both are of high quality; the higher the GPU would be the speedier processing would happen.

The dimensions of this product are 10.5 x 4.37 x 1.5 inches and have a convenient insertion in multiple devices. This GPU is highly suitable for AutoCAD and recommended by professionals.

XFX AMD Radeon Vll

51KnLEXO5hL. AC SL1024
  • Chipset: AMD Radeon VII
  • 16GB HBM2 memory
  • Boost clock – 1750 MHz
  • Peak clock – 1801 MHz
  • Triple fan cooling
  • Stream processors – 3840

With faster and quickest performance comparative to others, the XFX Graphics Card is an exceptional choice to make.

And the latest 7nm silicon wafer fabrication; was the first one to have 7nm in its classification. AMD always focuses to deliver the best and in-demand quality in the market.

With a 7nm unit and a 16 GB HBM2, it competes with the exceptional GeForce 2080. The HBM2 offers 3 times additional bandwidth per watt and comes with a broad intense interface.

This helps to maximize the memory quality which can even work at minimum clock speeds and it is much better than GDDR5.

If we look at its pricing, it is comparatively expensive, we would say it’s justifiable because it comes with exceptional features like wafers, etc that aren’t available in standard ones.

HBM2 memory is fundamentally steep and features a spate 16 GB memory specification with each 4-4GB package.

This latest Radeon VII is originally Vega 64, with little fabrication system and with increased memory.

Whereas it has benefited from the compact fabrication process and AMD in this graphic card has maximum clock frequencies. It helps speed up the cores that lead to faster processing.


  • 16 GB, best for AutoCAD
  • Faster than earlier ones
  • Heavy determining performance
  • Functional and additional RAM


  • Extremely loud

Our Verdict

This Radeon has the Boost clock for around 1750 MHz whereas if the system is working well it can increase to 1800 MHz as well, so it depends on functionality.

According to the professional, the GPU is highly comfortable in the 1770 range; overall this product is suitable for top-class results.

PNY Geforce GTX

61DBGF o1zL. AC SL1000
  • Nvidia Turing architecture
  • With 1530MHz Core Clock
  • And 1785MHz Boost Clock
  • 6GB GDDR6 Ram
  • 1408 CUDA Processing Cores
  • Up to 336GB/sec of Bandwidth
  • Turing Shaders

In our research of best graphics cards for Autocad, We picked this particular GPU while looking at the specifications because they are more than enough in this budget.

The PNY GTX 1660 is a best-selling GPU and is available in different sizes and at different prices. The card features a Single fan which is good for low-noise yet affordable usage.

The dimensions of this product are 6.61 x 4.96 x 1.57 inches with 6 GB RAM and 1530 MHz memory. These specs help to provide a strong performance with efficient results in both memory and classification.

The NVIDIA exit construction of this product is with a 1530 MHz core clock and the boost clock is 1785 MHz while playing games or in AutoCAD, it ensures to speed up according to the requirements.

It has GDDR6 which is considered ultra-strong in regard to memory classification and features a 6 GB built-in graphic card.

The CUDA processing cores are more than 1408 GB’s. It is exactly 336 GB per second for reliable memory and to innovate realistic image production at the back. The PNY Geforce holds PCI express with its updated version 3.0 interface.


  • Works significantly with COD
  • Pocket-friendly product
  • Powerful response


  • This is a bit loud

Our Verdict

It makes the standard system exceedingly reconcilable. The video display ports have included DVI-D and HDMI to maximize connectivity in the outputs.

With this product, you can capture images, videos, screenshots, and live streams or recordings and export them to your friends or family which is very interesting and NVIDIA Geforce ensures that your drivers are upgraded and enhances the game settings on & off.

XFX Radeon RX Vega

51BoO8UUdiL. AC SL1024
  • AMD RX Vega 64 Chipset
  • 8GB HBM2 memory
  • 1247Mhz GPU Core Clock
  • 1546Mhz Boost mode
  • VR premium ready

XFX Radeon RX is here to serve you with numerous features that are highly effective and useful.

This Radeon comes with Vega 64 to process the game’s speed at its maximum through the system and it makes sure that they are delivering high resolution for the commendable experience.

Not only resolution but it also runs the game with extreme frame rates, demanding settings, and dividing fringe features to fulfill the upgraded demand in the near future.

AutoCAD working would be smooth as this XFX Radeon has become the most in-demand brand for extreme gamers and to speed up the refresh rate that makes the fine process without any crash. It will give you the next level of experience.

By making the player or user comfort zone its priority it gives uncomplicated affinity to clear the doubts regarding VR environments which come with an incredibly enriching experience.

To clear up the little details through high resolution it has revolutionary Vega architecture that shows up and makes the vision more realistic.

In AMD it has Crossfire, it is the latest technology that binds itself with processing and works to enhance the advancements by fast up the rendering of 3D models.

The graphic card has FreeSync technology as well as it is an adaptive synchronization technology that removes the cashing, interruption, and spoils visual from the display and shows the ultra-clear for the calm and straight experience.


  • Vega 64
  • Giant video Memory
  • Solid interface
  • Excess core speed
  • 2 years warrant
  • Ports are multiple


  • Not really found any

Our Verdict

It has a Quad HD display that supports 4k and 2k resolutions, through this quad you can watch and enjoy from all angles.

In this graphic card, you don’t need to worry about minor things, it comes with a combination of all the necessities that one should have.

PNY NVIDIA Quadro K 1200

51cjyIJW22L. AC
  • Compatibility with System
  • Up to 2x Performance
  • Large 4GB GDDR5 GPU
  • Supports AutoCAD and Solidwork
  • Support 4K Displays
  • Low-profile Professional GPU

The next we have is  PNY K 1200 which is the best low profile graphics card offering an extremely easy connection with multiple devices and the quality of display doest fall.

Many of the graphic cards come with the problem that they produce loud voices but this doesn’t which makes the system pleasant.

The system of the graphic card is very compatible and it lies between Compact SFF and traditional desk side ATX towers. These are the factors that improve the refresh rate and the processing quality in the system.

Nowadays, NVIDIA and AMD both consciously work with their product outlines to make sure that there aren’t any crossroads in the performance of graphics cards.

Every part of this product ensures to maximize the transporting of suitable boost in performance.

This K1200 delivers exceptional quality at an appropriate price that’s why it is in demand in the market. The AIB in it comes with a giant perspective while giving results in the software.


  • Conveniently attached 4 displays
  • Small power footprint for identification
  • Extremely quiet which is rare
  • Reliable memory


  • Can’t run the games at that phase as others

Our Verdict

The 2-time additional graphic performance is extraordinary compared to other ordinary ones. It has a huge 4 GB GDDR5 GPU memory size with a 128-bit memory interface which is perfect for use and storing the data.

It keeps up with AutoCAD professionally while supporting it according to its demands. This is also one of the best gpu for solidworks.

AMD Video Card 100

51LEVJhzkJL. AC SL1055
  • AMD Radeon Pro Coprocessor
  • 8.00 GB GDDR5
  • PCI Express x8
  • Memory Bus Width: 256.00 bits
  • Memory Clock Speed: 713.00 MHz

If you’re looking to enjoy excellent functionality at low power requirements then the only recommendation for you by our editors is the AMD Video Card 100 which is the bonus addition to your gaming routine.

It is famous for low power consumption as it consumes only 75 watts of energy. This product has the latest boards that rely upon AMD’s Polaris construction.

This graphic card is based on the Radeon’s modern generation that is called GCN technology and has been made from using a 14nm FinFET proceeding system. This ensures to minimize vigorous power consumption that’s why it only uses 75 watts.

In fact, the manufacturers have included additional transistors in it. These transistors deliver more power supply to permit other cache and compute units.

AMD concludes that the construction of Polaris attaches these extra transistors for the latest useful features like APC ‘aggressive primitive culling’, which ensures to enhance the performance and power convenience.


  • Perfect for GPGPU programming
  • Reliable with quality performance
  • Works for 4K and AutoCAD
  • Consumes less power


  • Isn’t improve much from the previous one as it shows

Our Verdict

This product supports HDR the high dynamic range that shows higher color production with quality display.

It supports top-class resolution such as 5120 x 2880 with upgraded 5K, which isn’t common, same as for refresh rate that is 96Hz at 3840 x 2160 or you may say it 4K through 1.4 display ports.

Gigabyte Geforce GTX

  • New Pascal Architecture
  • Games at 1080P at 60 FPS
  • Fast, Smooth, Power-Efficient
  • Form factor: ATX
  • Windforce 2X Cooling System
  • Alternate Spinning Fan Design
  • Unique Blade Fan Design
  • 3D Active Fan with LED Indicators

You won’t believe that the only GPU that delivers similar performance like today’s GPUs Is the GeForce GTX 1050 manufactured by Geforce and is known to be authentic and strong.

It features consolidated storage of 4 GB GDDR5 and includes 128 bits of memory, this is ideal for storage with remarkable RAM.

It comes with 2 times additional blade design of the fan, this makes the processor cool and it has the ability that it can turn on and off automatically according to the requirements.

The display with this graphic card upon AutoCAD id 8K which isn’t found in the standard ones and it is extremely smooth and high picture quality for commendable results.

As it should be it also has core clocks, according to the boost measurements it comes with 1455 MHz as its base with 1341 MHz at the OC state whereas the same boost clock works at 1430 MHz at its base with 1316 MHz while gaming in the device.


  • Reasonable yet satisfactory graphic card
  • At normal process, the fan automatically get off
  • A low sound, less irritating
  • No power connector requires


  • Plastic isn’t there to cover the fans

Our Verdict

It has standard participation so that the graphic card won’t neglect any of the departments in the attached device. This gpu is suitable for low profile.

Only a single click is required for numerous gaming-specific needs and it can easily tune in with the graphic card to encounter its requirements. Whereas it doesn’t require that much time and without any struggle, you are ready to use it.

ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX570

71gGj7LzTcL. AC SL1500
  • Wing-Blade Fan Design
  • 0dB Technology
  • IP5X Dust Resistance
  • DirectCU II
  • With Better Cooling
  • Super Alloy Power II

The ASUS ROG Strix comes with a strong impression of ASUS’s sturdiness and powerful performance. This product has been designed by a patented ASUS wing-blade fan and Direct XU heat sink.

This helps to maintain the graphic card dust-free that delivers satisfied and reasonable performance.

This product comes with an amazing feature to remove the sound of the fan, how?

It just stops the function of the fan when it isn’t required and when GPU is also not receiving and load from the system, and it remains with a quite normal temperature of 35 – 39 degrees centigrade.

While working it might sometimes reach 60 – 65 degree centigrade but this is its highest it doesn’t cross this over, this happens at gaming sessions or harsh working.

The engine clock of this graphic card comes with different sizes at various modes as it works with 1310 MHz with OC mode whereas it works at 1300 MHz while gaming mode, well this is efficient to work according to the requirements and this helps the system to demand only what it has been asked for which makes it decent.


  • Proficient gaming with 1080 GB
  • Pro build quality
  • Appropriate for convenient insertion


  • No advancement in construction than before

Our Verdict

The stream processor also comes in the range of 2048 therefore the memory clock is efficient and quick and it has 7000 MHz with 256 bit of interface.

The resolution of his product is digitally at its high and it has 5120 x 2880. You can choose this gpu for your AutoCAD work.

A Detailed Buying Guide for Best Graphics Card for AutoCAD

So now, as you have read the entire article regarding the Best graphic card for AutoCAD.  all the specs and details now you might be ready to take the final decision of your product.

However, we have explained every product in detail with its pros/cons and other characteristics to help you out to make a better and uncomplicated decision.

Though you can even find the graphics card for under $200 it should offer a good balance between affordability and functionality.

And to further help you out, here’s a detailed buying guide so you can know what feature you should keep in your mind while choosing one.


It is a Graphics Processing Unit, in every computer or device it is used to exhibit the 3D or 2D animations without trashing up, this is very important and a must-have in graphic card

Stream processor/CUDA cores:

It helps to identify the software and hardware processing; CUDA cores are a technique used in programming for various and essential functions. This makes the system more efficient and reliable for AutoCAD

Size of memory:

The graphic cards are specifically used for the sake of gaming or a giant workpiece, if they don’t provide a large memory, then how you would be able to perform the better tasks. So memory size must be big with a perfect bit interface as well.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Graphics Card Do I Need for AutoCAD?

As AutoCAD is a program or you may call it a system so the one which has ultra-fast RAM that would be highly appropriate for all the things for whatever you do in AutoCAD. But AutoCAD is CPU intensive so it doesn’t require much.

Is RTX GPU good for CAD?

Yes, the RTX 1060 is ideal for AutoCAD because it is one of the best performance graphic cards. The NVIDIA demand has been rising for some years but if we look specifically at AutoCAD, RTX is the one that is highly recommended by professionals.

Is GTX 1650 GPU good for CAD?

Yes, the GTX 1650 would be eligible for AutoCAD if it is used for 2D and 3D modeling including the high CUDA with giant memory with it.

Why Are Quadro Cards Better for AutoCAD?

Quadro cards are better because they have a lot more memory comparatively from GeForce that makes the workflow smooth and of top-class quality that sustains more data or videos in it.


Which of our recommendations sounds good to you? Let us tell you we’ve come up with these excellently designed graphics cards after doing heavy research and digging deep information.

If you have any concerns regarding graphics cards, you can get the help from FAQs section. Buying the best graphics card for Autocad maintains the workflow flexible with no hinges and complications.